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What is the Cloud?
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28Right enables teams to be more agile and focused on their core business, by developing cost effective productivity tools to streamline their IT, development and security processes.

Who We Are

28Right, Inc. is a leading software company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides Automation and Productivity software for the Cloud.

28Right believes that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is "Infrastructure as Code", whose full potential of rapid development of bleeding edge solutions, agile operations and delivery and significant cost reduction, can be best realized with automation; Customers can focus on the core of their business and leave the productivity enhancements and automation of their cloud infrastructure to us. 

28Right supports the most popular cloud computing platform: AWS® (Amazon Web Services), other cloud computing platforms will be added shortly.

Our Philosophy

We believe Cloud Infrastructure does not have to be complicated. That is why we are dedicated to delivering Powerful yet Simple, Agile Tools with Frictionless Experience that is easy buy and use on-demand for any IT administrator.

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You can contact us at (408)461-9827 or email us at